ICPerMed Conference - Prelude to the Future of Medicine


For the first time in two years, ICPerMed is delighted to organise a physical meeting and to welcome you in Paris on October 5-6, 2022 for the ICPerMed Conference – Prelude to the Future of Medicine.

The conference will provide an insight into what the future of medicine will look like by presenting concrete examples of personalised medicine approaches and aspects already being in practice. From rare diseases, cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases to neurodegenerative diseases, the conference will demonstrate that implementation of personalised medicine is progressing through all disciplines and medical fields and aims to inspire other initiatives to adopt similar approaches.
Come and learn about:
  • Incorporating patient’s perspective in personalised healthcare
  • The future of personalised medicine in clinical setting
  • Challenges in developing health data governance
  • Health economic benefits – beyond cost-effectiveness
  • Creating a sustainable innovation environment for personalised medicine
Experts will be invited to present their activities and projects and will discuss further about opportunities and hurdles of translating personalised medicine into practice to decipher the requirements for implementation to overcome for a general adoption in healthcare.
ICPerMed will feature and honour during the conference best practices in personalised medicine research with the ICPerMed Recognition 2022, aiming to recognise, encourage, promote and disseminate outstanding examples. A specific session will be dedicated to present these best practices during the conference in form of short talks accompanied by posters.
A Stakeholder Forum session will offer a platform to 4 selected members of the Stakeholder Forum to present their activities.