Diversity of biological mechanisms 2020 Winning Projects

Lauréats 2020

The winning projects are :

  • PUFAlg : Microalgal Poly-Unsaturated Fatty-Acid Signalling and Structuring Functions, Corellou Florence, Bordeaux             
  • Deployment of the crinoid Antedon mediterranea as a new model to assess deuterostome nervous system evolution. Croce Jenifer, Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Ascidian Diversity: increasing the number of ascidian species for experimental comparative developmental biology,  Darras Sébastien, Banyuls sur Mer
  • Unraveling regeneration success in emerging annelid model species through a single-cell approach, Gazave Eve, Paris
  • The jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica as a novel model system to explore meiosis diversity and evolution, Huynh  Jean-René, Paris
  • Impact of non-canonical centromeres on genome architecture, Muller Héloïse, Paris
  • Non-canonical regulation of non-coding RNA in an unconventional marine algal-virus interaction where the enzymes AGO and DICER are absent, Piganeau Gwenaëlle, Banyuls-sur-Mer
  • Unraveling evolutionary determinants of plant terrestrialization through the development of streptophyte algal models, Renault Hugues, Strasbourg + TERRESTRIALIZATION: A model to understand how plants crawled out of water, Delaux Pierre-Marc, Toulouse – porteurs invités à joindre leurs efforts
  • Development of Nymphaea thermarum as the first functional-genetic model basal angiosperm for studies of the origin of flowers, Scutt Charlie, Lyon
  • Different strategies for evolving "intelligence" in vertebrates: studying neural basis of higher-order cognitions in teleost fish, Yamamoto Kei, Saclay. Projet différé à 2021.