Call for proposals 2021

Each year the Institutes of Biological Sciences (INSB) and Ecology and Environment (INEE) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and the Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm), organize a series of four to six conferences, called the "Jacques Monod Conferences" (CJM), devoted to new topics in the life sciences, in particular those at the interface of several disciplines, whether in pure biology or its applications (biotechnology, health, agronomy, etc.).

Conference organization application procedure

The application is prepared by a Chair, assisted by a Deputy Chair, who together are in charge of organizing the Conference both in its scientific and funding aspects. One of these two must work in a laboratory in France, the other in a laboratory elsewhere (normally in Europe ). The Deputy Chair may become Chair of a subsequent Conference if the Science Committee and the INSB agree to repeat the Conference in question. There is no organizing committee.

The application dossier should include:

  • The overall title of the conference (in French and English).
  • The full names and addresses of the Chair and Deputy Chair along with their curriculum vitae and a list of their principal publications and invited lectures during the last three years (no more than 8 pages total) .
  • A list of the speakers whom the Chair wishes to invite, specifying their laboratory, research topic, and a bibliography of their three principal publications from the past three years. (The geographical mix of speakers should be as follows: 7 to 8 from outside Europe , 9 to 11 from France , and 9 to 11 from elsewhere in Europe . Unless there is a good research-based reason, the Chair should take care not to invite several researchers from the same laboratory.)
  • The potential audience (a maximum of 115 including the invited speakers) and the European laboratories who will most likely be interested.
  • The site selected for the Conference (normally Roscoff) and the proposed dates.
  • A 5-page description of the subjects to be addressed during the Conference.
  • A program outline.
  • A projected budget listing the public and private organizations whose financial support will be requested and the amount of their expected contribution.

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    The dossier had to be sent via email to the CJM office ( by January 20th, 2020 for a Conference to be held in 2021.

    • The dossiers are evaluated by the CJM Science Committee, which will forward its assessment to the INSB.
    • The Institute will make their final decision known to the Chair of the Science Committee.


    For all further information, see the general description of the Jacques Monod Conferences or the Conference specifications, or contact the CJM Office.